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Using G.U.S. short links allows you to use a unique short link for each of your advertising or marketing campaigns.

With our exceptional analytics, the performance data from your individual campaigns will allow you to easily monitor what ads are working and allow you to maximize your advertising dollars!

G.U.S. short links are also spam filter resistant, helping to reduce bounce rates and email rejections.


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With both FREE and PAID subscription

G.U.S. offers a host of standard features like:

Free Subscriptions

  • Create up to 1,000 G.U.S. short links using our free plan.
  • 50 short links that can have a customized back-half allowing you to brand your link.Unlimited link clicks!
  • 14-day access to short link data allowed with our free plan through a secure portal.
  • 14-day retention time for short links using our free plan.

Save up to 20% when you pay annually

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Custom Plan
Limited Time
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Branded Links & Customization
Branded Link Custom Domain 1500/mo 3,000+
Branded Link Redirect 2 Unlimited
Custom Back-half using your own words at the end of the link. (Eg. gus/123 change to gus/mywebsite) 50/mo 1500/mo 3,000/mo
Custom SSL Cert User your own SSL certificate used to secure links. Available
Custom Domain Essentials
Free Custom Domain Available Available
Domain Finder Select, for free, the perfect custom domain to build your brand Available Available
Create branded links on a dedicated domain Available Available
Domain Guard safeguards to protect your privacy Available Available
Domain Router Redirect visitors to a web page you designate Available Available
Domain 404 Error Fix prevents dead-ends by pointing visitors to a designated web page Available Available
Link Functionality
Number of G.U.S. short links that you can create 1,000/mo 1,500/mo 3,000/mo
Number of link clicks allowedUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tag & Group your links Available Available
Bulk Tagging links Available Available
Filter links by requirements Available Available
Create a QR code for a G.U.S. link Available
Mobile Deep Links Available
Campaign Management
Group & Manage short links Available
UTM Builder Available
Bulk Import to Campaigns Add multiple links to a campaign via CSV Available
Export Campaign Data Export your campaign data to a CSV file Available
Social Posting Connect your account to Twitter and Facebook to post G.U.S. links Available Available
Parameter Passing Available
Data and Analytics
Retention time of G.U.S. short link data 14 days 45 days 2 years
View detailed G.U.S. short link performance 14 days 45 days 90 days
Dashboard Reporting 90 days
Geographic Detail reporting of link clicks Available
Device-Type Tracking allows reports by device used by viewers Available
Export Data from G.U.S. Yes Yes
Data Delivery
API Rate Limit Available
Custom Data Streams Available
Marketing Tools Integrations Available Available
SLA Uptime 99.90%
Platform Access
Use G.U.S. short links tool directly from web browser Available
Mobile G.U.S. short link App Available
API v4 Available
Secure Access Available
Branded Link Hub to allow all employees to create G.U.S. short links on company intranet Available
Admin Features
Group Permissions Available
User Management Control which groups and links your users have access to Available
SSO Self-Service Setup Available
Secure Access Available
Branded Link Hub to allow all employees to create G.U.S. short links on company intranet Available
2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Available Available
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*Rate is for 12-month membership billed as one payment of $240.00/mo at time of order. Monthly rate without a 12-month membership is $27.00/mo with automatic renewal. See Features & Pricing sections for more details.

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